'A new way of brand promotion'

High quality branded light-caps for festoon lights. Light up your Brand! 

Light op your Brand

ClickCable designs and produces branded caps for festoonlights. These lights are allready above your customers. ClickCable is the first company that use the millions of lights around the world for branding and marketing. 


ClickCable made different designs for Heineken, Coca Cola, Corona, Paulaner and Red Bull. Our patented clicksystem can be used for a huge variety of designs. See our computer animations for some examples. 

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Meet our Team

The initial idea of ClickCable was born while organizing a big public event as a hospitality entrepeneur. For the decoration at this event we used festoonlights. We upgraded these lights with old fashioned lampshades. This was the moment where I realised the possibilities of alle these unused light cables in the world.

Mark Nijhuis 

Brand new brand experience with unlimited possibilities to activate your brand

We design and produce high quality patented light-caps for festoon lights. Festoon lights are the world most used outdoor lighting system at festivals & events and are already in use with thousands of
bars, restaurants and hotels.
Our product creates original branding and product awareness.

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Be top of mind.

it is quite easy to think of what you want to drink in a bar if you just have,  consciously or unconsciously seen a nice suggestion hanging over your head.


The secret of our succes

We literally light up your brand, right above your customers and a few seconds before a buying/ ordering moment.


Festoonlights are the worlds most used outdoor lighting system. These lightcables are allready in use in the hospitality & event-business around the world and is waiting for a upgrade. Your brand can be in top of mind!


We help you boost your brand! Just imagine the recognition with your customer if there are hundreds of bottles with your new brand above there heads. 


We produce our product in the Netherlands in high quality Polycarbonate. The caps can be re-used and are made with 100 % recycable plastics


We design the best option for a lightcap together with our design team and the client. 

Give us a light! We won’t bite.